comScore Trump Bashes Mueller's 'Witch Hunt' Testimony Wednesday

Trump Attacks Mueller’s ‘Ridiculous Witch Hunt’ Ahead of Hearing, Suggests Questions for Special Counsel

Trump Predicts 65 Percent Approval Rating, Never Been Above 46

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is expected to testify before Congress on Wednesday, and President Donald Trump has preemptively tweeted his disapproval.

Trump tweeted that the testimony would be bad for Mueller and Democrats, “who have done nothing but waste time on the ridiculous Witch hunt.”

Trump also falsely claimed the Mueller report found “NO COLLUSION, NO OBSTRUCTION.”

The testimony is expected to help the public get a better grip on what was found in the report, the contents of which Democrats are keen to publicize and Republicans eager to downplay.

Trump has scheduled himself plenty of “executive time” Wednesday so he can watch the full testimony — airing at 12 p.m. EST — according to NBC News. The only thing on his schedule for that day is a routine lunch with Vice President Mike Pence.

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