Andrew Breitbart: The Occupy Protesters Are ‘Working From Hamas Playbook’ To Incite Violence

Breitbart: Occupy Protesters Are 'Working From Hamas Playbook' To Incite Violence

Last night during America’s Nightly Scoreboard on Fox Business Network, Andrew Breitbart appeared to discuss possible union responses to California Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed pension overhaul. As is typical these days, the conversation turned to the Occupy protests (“Occupy Wall Street or Occupy LA or whatever the heck they’re occupying,” as host David Asman put it). After Asman asked Breitbart if the unions would use the protests to “create another Greece,” Breitbart replied that, no, they won’t be looking to that nation. He claimed that they were instead getting their inspiration from Hamas.

“Well, you can see that, in the Occupy movements, in internal emails, that they are working off not the Greek model – and we’ve seen protests and we’ve seen riots in Greece – but we’re actually seeing the unions and the anarchists and the Socialists working from the Hamas playbook in trying to incite violence with the police in order to foment a greater violent revolution.”

Breitbart went on to allege that the recent violence seen in places like Oakland (specifically the injuries of Iraq War vet Scott Olsen) would all be used according to this plan.

Breitbart’s argument is the same being made in a piece on his website, Big Government, written by Joel B. Pollak and featuring the provocatively sinister headline: “Learning from Hamas: How #Occupy Uses Human Shields–Veterans, Women, the Young, the Old, the Disabled.”

Watch the clip from FBN below:

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