Bill O’Reilly: “There Is An Invasion From Mexico Into The United States”

Bill O’Reilly has never exactly been the #1 cheerleader of undocumented workers, but tonight, he declared war. Talking to guest Charles Krauthammer about their differing views on using the military to prevent illegal immigration, he suggested that discussing the matter as a social problem is futile when “there is an invasion from a foreign country, Mexico, into the United States.” And just in case you didn’t hear him, he repeated himself. Twice.

Krauthammer argues that the military cannot be used for “internal policing.” His solution is simple: build a formidable fence to keep them out. If they can’t physically enter the country, there is no need to discuss or negotiate the problem with anyone. But Krauthammer’s point of view is missing something O’Reilly claims is abundantly clear: Mexico is “invading” the United States. His evidence? “We wouldn’t have 12 million illegal aliens if there weren’t an invasion.” And even if they weren’t invading– which they obviously are– there is precedent for using the military to secure the border: in South Korea. And if it’s good enough for the Koreas given their history, why wouldn’t it be good enough for America and Mexico?

Video below:

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