Kilmeade Pans Trump’s Attack on McCain Funeral: ‘Makes Absolutely No Sense’


Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade criticized Donald Trump by saying the president is trampling over his record with his continued attacks on John McCain.

Trump gave a speech in Ohio yesterday where he continued to blast the late senator and complained that “I didn’t get a ‘thank you’” for signing off on his state funeral. The ongoing swipes at McCain have drawn considerable levels of scrutiny against Trump over the last few days, and when Fox & Friends covered the speech, Kilmeade lamented that Trump’s swipes against McCain and George Conway distract from his message.

“The problem is he swamped his own message by going after George Conway and in that speech, inexplicably, going after John McCain,” Kilmeade said. “It makes absolutely no sense.”

Kilmeade acknowledged that Trump and McCain despised each other, but then again, McCain had rivalries with plenty of other people as well. The way he sees it, Trump’s attacks only take attention away from his accomplishments.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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