CNN’s Cuomo Calls Trump’s 10/10 Puerto Rico Rating a ‘Laughable Assertion’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo took on President Donald Trump’s remark that he thought the White House response to hurricane-ravaged Hurricane Maria deserved at 10/10 rating.

Comparing House Speaker Paul Ryan’s comical speech at the Al Smith dinner Thursday night to Trump’s presser comments, Cuomo explained:

“The difference is President Trump wasn’t joking when he gave himself a 10/10 in Puerto Rico even though it is a laughable assertion.”

“It is a laughable assertion given the crisis in Puerto Rico,” Cuomo continued, before dinging Ryan for his jokes about Trump’s conduct.

“It would be nice for Paul Ryan to talk like that when he’s not joking. It would be nice for him to show a little leadership and get up there and give voice to what is good and bad in our government right now,” Cuomo concluded.

During a presser with the governor of Puerto Rico on Thursday, Trump was asked to rate his administration’s response to Hurricane Maria’s devastation of the U.S. territory. Naturally, the president rated the response a perfect 10/10 — prompting a backlash amongst those who do not think enough has been done to address the island’s crisis.

Watch Cuomo’s comments above, via CNN.

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