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Former GOP Candidate George Pataki Announces His Official 2016 Endorsement

17647495919_26f879c76a_oGeorge Pataki, the former Governor of New York State who ran for the Republican party nomination this year before dropping out in late December, told Fox News’ Martha MacCallum on Tuesday morning that he has decided on which candidate to officially endorse:

Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

Pataki went into detail about his support for the upstart Senator, who MacCallum noted is similar to then-Senator¬†Barack Obama before his own Presidency bid. “[Marco]¬†understands this country. He will do extremely well as the campaign winds down… He has the staying power to win the election,” Pataki noted.

Before withdrawing from the 2016 race, Pataki was a staple of the undercard GOP debates, competing in four officially sanctioned RNC events. Endorsement season is in full swing; in addition to earning the support of Sarah Palin last week, GOP frontrunner Donald J. Trump has teased another “powerful endorsement” for later today, and Glenn Beck has thrown his support behind Texas Senator Ted Cruz. The Des Moines Register yesterday endorsed Senator Rubio as well.

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