Fox and Friends: Cohen Tapes Are ‘Just the Beginning’ of Lanny Davis’ ‘Payback’ for Trump Beating Clinton

On Fox and Friends on Wednesday, in discussing the newly released audio of the Trump-Cohen tape, former Trump attorney Michael Cohen took quite a beating from the hosts — as he was once a frequent guest on the network.

Brian Kilmeade in particular let Cohen have it several times, but also had harsh words for Cohen’s own attorney, Lanny Davis and his relationship with Hillary Clinton.

In the above clip from Fox News, co-host Kilmeade is first appalled by the fact that Cohen was taping Donald Trump at all, treating it as a betrayal of both friendship and the attorney-client relationship. They then air a clip of attorney and law professor Alan Dershowitz, who lays out a case that nothing “illegal” was on the tape. After the clip, Kilmeade switches lawyers and goes in on Lanny Davis.

“And Lanny Davis is best friends with Hillary Clinton, probably took the loss harder than anyone else, is just relishing in the fact that he can take some type of shot at the President.,” said Kilmeade. “Not that he’s not a fine lawyer, very experienced, but he’s making Michael Cohen seem to be Mother Teresa. And it is, just the beginning of, I guess, Lanny Davis’ attempt to pay back Hillary Clinton or try to pay back Donald Trump for beating Hillary Clinton.”

Watch above, courtesy of Fox News.

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