Jake Tapper: Election Was Over a Year Ago and Trump Still ‘Can’t Quit’ Hillary


Jake Tapper and his panel expressed some astonishment at how, over a year after the election, President Trump continues bringing up Hillary Clinton, unprompted.

Trump referenced Clinton more than once during his press conference today and even, at one point, called her “my opponent.”

Tapper noted the “very interesting” invocations of Clinton and said, “The election’s been over for more than a year. He can’t quit her”

Symone Sanders agreed that he’s “obsessed,” and Tapper shared his theory that he does this because when he’s having troubles, “when it’s him vs Hillary, he feels like, ‘Well, that’s a fight I can win.'”

Josh Holmes likened this to a band performing their “greatest hits,” while Jackie Kucinich said Trump just “can’t let go” of the election––particularly the popular vote––and he considers Clinton “the perfect foil.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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