Jesse Watters Argues Charlottesville Attack, Pizzagate Shooting ‘Different’ From Attacks on GOP Lawmakers

On Thursday, The Five host Jesse Watters claimed that the Charlottesville attack and the Pizzagate shooting were categorically different from “Maxine Waters” approach to harassment of GOP lawmakers.

Watters comments came during a conversation on The Five discussing political incivility.

“I want to differentiate between when we are talking about,” Watters said. “I don’t want to litigate political violence but Greg [Gutfeld] was picking up a lot of examples of and I was yesterday of left-wing attacks on Republican officials, cabinet members, Trump family members, elected officials. There’s been violence perpetrated by the right on the left in the streets, and that’s awful and that’s random. But when you are going after political leadership in a democracy that takes it to a higher level and I think that’s the difference.”

“Going after political leadership?” co-host Juan Williams asked.

“Ricin, threats against family members, chasing them around in the streets,” Watters continued on. “That’s an attack on political leadership and not something — driving into a car or shooting up a random pizza place. I’m not excusing it. I’m saying it’s different categorically.”

“It’s different if someone stands up and says I ‘hey, disagree with you?'” Williams asked.

“You’re okay with the Maxine Waters approach,” Watters shot back. “Chasing people through restaurants.”

“You are so dramatic,” Williams replied.

Watch above, via Fox News

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