Joe Scarborough On Politics Behind Susan Rice, Benghazi: ‘Hillary Clinton Dodged The Bullet’

Morning Joe ended the week with a discussion about United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice withdrawing her name from consideration for the position of Secretary of State in President Obama’s second term. Weighing the disproportionate blame heaped upon Rice by Republicans, the roundtable also took a look at current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. When it comes to Benghazi: She dodged a bullet.

“I tell you what. Hillary Clinton, I’m sure she was tired. We all get tired,” Joe Scarborough remarked. “She works around the clock. But you know what she was doing.” How she handled this incident shows her political experience, she argued — the pros “know when to step aside.” It’s hardly uncommon, he added, for the White House to ask for a favor, and “it’s the eager ones that jump out front, and the smart ones that slowly just go into the background.”

“Hillary dodged the bullet on that one,” Scarborough said.

On the plus side, Donny Deutsch chimed in, Rice’s “brand is stronger than ever.” And Obama has “a lot of room” to make his pick now.

Scarborough and Richard Wolffe went on to note that no part of the criticism thrown at Rice was “proportionate.” She isn’t blameless, Scarborough said, “but the proportionality is absolutely ridiculous.”

Watch below, via MSNBC:

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