Jonah Goldberg: Trump Is a ‘Bane of Humanity,’ ‘Drives Me Crazy’ That Fox Takes Him Seriously

One conservative columnist has made it clear that he’s had enough of Donald Trump.

When Lauren Ashburn said Sarah Palin‘s yearning for the spotlight is similar to that of Trump, National Review columnist and Fox News contributor Jonah Goldberg took issue with the comparison — and even went after his own network for giving Trump legitimacy.

“Donald Trump has a long record of clownishly pretending he’s going to run for president, and people take him seriously — including a lot of people at this network, which drives me crazy,” Goldberg told Howard Kurtz on Media Buzz. “I think Donald Trump is a bane of humanity … that’s not Sarah Palin’s game.”

Trump came back into the spotlight ahead of Saturday’s Iowa Freedom Summit when he once again said he was considering a presidential run, and said he would have beaten President Barack Obama in 2012.

[h/t Daily Caller]
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