Kelly Battles Atheist: Really? A Cross at 9/11 Museum Gives You ‘Dyspepsia and Headaches’?

Megyn Kelly battled American Atheists head David Silverman Thursday night over a lawsuit the secular group filed to keep a Christian cross out of the 9/11 Memorial Museum. Silverman insisted, “It’s a Christian cross on public land, and that’s illegal, so we want equal treatment.”

Silverman found it ridiculous that the counter-argument is that the cross isn’t meant to be Christian, but Kelly argued that’s because it was an actual memorial from Ground Zero and therefore isn’t necessarily a religious symbol. When Silverman accused the other side of being disingenuous, Kelly mockingly asked, “Is it a little disingenuous to claim that atheists in your group are suffering dyspepsia and headaches as a result of seeing that cross included in the museum?”

Silverman insisted plaintiffs are suffering and have pangs over being discriminated against, but Kelly practically laughed in his face at the idea that they are physically sick because they don’t have a little memorial for atheists who died on 9/11 too.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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