Rep. Michele Bachmann: “I Am Not The Queen Of The Tea Party”

Rep. Michele Bachmann may be most influential elected public figure in the Tea Party movement as it exists today (as opposed to 2007, when Rep. Ron Paul held that title), but she certainly does not want anyone to get the wrong impression about her influence within the Tea Party. Speaking to CBN News, she explicitly reminded viewers that “I am not the queen of the Tea Party” and that “we’re not top down,” leaving little in the way of leadership positions.

“I’m the chairman of the [Congressional] Tea Party Caucus– I’m not the queen of the Tea Party,” she explained, describing the caucus as the “earpiece” listening the what Americans were saying, rather than a “mouthpiece.” “We’re not top-down,” she continued, “we don’t set up the agenda.” Arguing that the Tea Party movement “deserves a voice here in the Congress,” she abdicated any power to decide positions on issues to her constituency.

In purely technical terms, she’s absolutely right about not being queen– monarchies are so impotent nowadays. Rather, as an elected official, she serves more as Prime Minister of the Tea Party, with the ability to actually influence legislation with the ornamental figurehead title going, of course, to Sarah Palin.


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