Reporter Claims the FBI Ordered ‘No Photos, No Pictures’ of Lynch/Clinton Meeting

Loretta LynchIn an interview with The O’Reilly Factor, the Phoenix journalist who broke the story of the private meeting between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former president Bill Clinton said that his sources tell him the FBI was on the scene telling bystanders they weren’t allowed to take photos.

“The former president steps into her plane. They then speak for 30 minutes privately. The FBI there on the tarmac instructing everybody around ‘no photos, no pictures, no cell phones.’ He then gets off the plane, gets on his own plane, he departs, she continues on with her planned visit,” recounted ABC15’s Christopher Sign.

Sign said that despite multiple phone calls to sources, he still had “no idea” why Clinton was in Phoenix in the first place, and cast doubt on Lynch’s story that he was there to play golf. “I’ve reached out to several sources, those with intimate knowledge of his movements… Not one so far has said that he played golf. I’m not saying that he didn’t play golf, I’m just saying I’m yet to confirm he played golf.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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