Rudy Giuliani Tears Into Mueller’s ‘Pathetic’ Hearing Performance: He’s ‘Losing It’

President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani tore into Robert Mueller again in the aftermath of the special counsel’s testimony before Congress.

In a post-hearing interview with Eric Bolling, Giuliani started by honing in on how Mueller “stumbled and bumbled” through much of his testimony by deflecting questions and referring back to his written report. Giuliani called it “sad to watch” Mueller on Wednesday, and after mocking his performance throughout the hearing, Giuliani eventually claimed that the only purpose of the special counsel investigations were to “frame Trump.”

“You know what his purview was? To frame Trump,” Giuliani said. He continued to say “I’m not sympathetic to this guy” before describing Mueller as mentally “absent.”

“First meeting I had with him a year and a half ago, it was as pathetic as what you saw. He didn’t know he couldn’t indict the president, took him two days to get back to me. I asked John Dowd if [Mueller] was losing it and John, who knows him for 30 years, says, ‘You’re damn right he is’…I’m not sympathetic with the guy. He put us through a needless two-year investigation. He put America in jeopardy. He went after a president who’s innocent. He should be ashamed of himself and the guy should retire. And he should have retired two years ago.”

Watch above, via Sinclair Broadcast Group.

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