‘That Is a False Equivalency!’ Maher Panel Goes Off the Rails Arguing Over Orlando, Islam

maher3Bill Maher‘s panel tonight got really heated after he continued to insist that there’s something singularly wrong with Islam when it comes to acts of violence and terrorism.

Maher expresse a desire that President Obama and other Democrats sound more like David Cameron in drawing a line in the sand about Western values versus backwards religious ones.

Retired Army Col. Lawrence Wilkerson said, “It’s not just Muslims shooting people!” Maher shot back, “That is a false equivalency… How many Muslim-inspired terrorist attacks have there been… and how many Christian-inspired?”

“They are trying to get a nuclear weapon,” he said, “and I don’t see any Christian groups trying to get a nuclear weapon.”

Conservative Emily Miller said it’s absurd to dismiss the gunman as a lone wolf, Ravi Patel argued that the gunman and other terrorists cling to ISIS to “feel validated,” and Josh Barro invoked the Planned Parenthood shooting to make the point that it’s not just Muslim terrorism.

Maher said of course bad things happen elsewhere, but “you have to go where the preponderance of it is,” and when Muslim nations still engage in “two-finger tests” for virginity, it becomes necessary for liberal people to stand up for liberal values.

Watch above, via HBO.

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