Tucker Carlson Clashes With Guest Over Liberals ‘Pushing This Race Stuff’ Against White Men in GOP

Fox’s Tucker Carlson opened his show tonight facing off with a Democratic guest over how some on the left have been making the racial makeup of Republican leaders a big deal.

Last week some people took notice of the white male Republicans in the Rose Garden with President Trump and in the group of all-male senators working on health care.

Democrat Don Calloway said that the Republican party “has a diversity problem,” but Carlson shot back that liberals doing this want to “judge people on things they can’t control,” including race.

He told Calloway that “the race part is grotesque” and that a lot of white men worked on Obamacare too. He asked, “Why is it bad that these people are a specific color?”

Calloway said there’s a “lack of diversity” of perspective there and also argued that it can’t just be white men making decisions about women’s health care.

Carlson still said Democrats need to stop “pushing this race stuff” and dividing people.

Watch the full segment above, via Fox News.

[image via screengrab]

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