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Ed Schultz and Richard Wolffe Clear the Air About Schultz’s Obama ‘Rant’

A new book out by MSNBC commentator Richard Wolffe alleges that Ed Schultz once went off on President Obama at the White House. Schultz brought Wolffe onto his MSNBC show Friday to address the controversy over this supposed “rant,” with Schultz continuing to insist he did no such thing in the presence of the president.

Schultz opened by telling Wolffe, “Boy, did you create a stir! Thanks a lot!” Wolffe made it clear he never once used the words “tirade” or “rant” in his book (as opposed to the news stories that made frequent use of them), reading the exact phrase in question: “ripping into an impassioned plea.” This simply meant, to Wolffe, that Schultz brought “heart to the conversation.”

Wolffe did admit, “I understand that my language opened this up, and for that, I apologize.” Schultz blamed the “irresponsible” media for taking his minor incident and blowing it out of proportion.

Watch the video below, via MSNBC:

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