Kirsten Gillibrand to Run for Office as a Younger, More Relatable Hillary Clinton

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) has announced her presidential bid for 2020 as a younger, more relatable Hillary Clinton, and everybody is so excited. Everyday Americans practically love Hillary, except for the fact that she’s too old and not pretty or likable enough. That’s why they elected President Donald Trump.

Gillibrand is not just “pretty” or “likable”. She is “pretty likable.” Bam.


Twitter is reeling crazy over the Senator’s announcement. People online keep showering her with words like “ratio!” which is cool-kid for, “we love you Kirsten!”

If we’ve learned anything from last election, it’s that Democrats need to elect more, not less, of the same people in order to win.

Clinton 2016? Almost president. Gillibrand 2020? Totally president.

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