comScore Political Analyst Larry Sabato: Joe Biden is 'Rusty'

Political Analyst Larry Sabato: Biden is ‘Rusty’ But ‘People Should Tune Out the Commentary’

Political analyst Larry Sabato tells Fox News’ Howard Kurtz that he believes pundits are making too much of Joe Biden’s poor debate performance, but Biden is “stubborn and rusty.”

“He’s stubborn and rusty, and those are the two adjectives I’d apply to him,” Sabato said on Sunday’s edition of MediaBuzz.

Kurtz was asking why Biden choses not to do TV interviews when he is having difficulty. “It’s often true with senior politicians, they have been through so many campaigns, they’ve won so many, think they have achieved great heights and they don’t expect criticism.”

Kurtz noted initial post-debate polls showed Sen. Kamala Harris surging before a new ABC poll which put Biden back into a more comfortable lead.

Sabato criticized the day-to-day pundit breakdown of the polls. “I understand there are 25 candidates, they can’t report every day that X is ahead because nobody will pay attention, it’s not interesting, they have to mix it up and change the leaders–but that doesn’t mean it’s accurate reporting,” he said.

“So maybe people should tune out the pundits, tune out the commentary, it’s enough to watch 4 hours of debate, you don’t have to watch the commentary around it,” Sabato said.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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