The Washington Post Discovers More Plagiarism in Biden Campaign’s Education Platform

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s plagiarism scandals continued this week, as the Washington Post discovered his campaign’s public education platform cribbed an entire sentence from an education policy publication.

Biden, who dropped out of a presidential race in 1987 after being caught plagiarizing speeches, is facing fresh allegations of content theft for two of his policy platforms.

A policy sheet released on May 28 titled, “Plan For Education, Students, and Our Future,” details his plan for American students in middle school and high school. The policy rollout reads:

“President Biden will provide every middle and high school student a path to a successful career. Ensure middle and high schools prepare students for good jobs. Students who participate in high-quality career and technical education are more likely to graduate, earn industry credentials, enroll in college, and have higher rates of employment and higher earnings.”

The Post found that an entire sentence in the plan — beginning with “Students who participate…” — was pulled, without attribution, from a trade publication published by the XQ Institute. After the Post contacted the Biden campaign for comment, the line was updated to include attribution to the institute.

Biden’s campaign was accused earlier this week of plagiarizing climate policy from the Blue Green Alliance and the Carbon Capture Coalition in the rollout of his climate change platform. Additionally, in the late ’80s, Biden dropped out of a race for plagiarizing speeches by British Labour politician Neil Kinnock.

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