comScore Ex-Hillary Clinton Spox Jen Palmieri: I'd 'Ankle Dive' to Stop Her From Running Again

Ex-Hillary Spox: I Love Her, But if She Tried to Run Again I’d ‘Ankle Dive’ to Stop Her

Former Communications Director for the Hillary Clinton campaign Jennifer Palmieri is adamantly against the former Senator and First Lady running for the presidency again.

“If Hillary Clinton ran for office again, I would do an ankle dive at the door and not allow her to do it because I love her too much,” said Palmieri at The Wrap’s Power Women breakfast in Washington Thursday morning.

Palmieri said she wanted to see Clinton as the first woman president, but instead, “She’s going to be the woman who shows us that it’s all broken.”

The campaign spokesperson added the Clinton 2016 campaign sought to demonstrate that the candidate’s gender didn’t matter.

“We set out to prove that she could to the job the same way it has always been done,” she said, possibly failing to realize that isn’t what voters wanted. “Which is the same way a man has done it.”

Instead, Palmieri said, the “vicious and irrational” hatred Clinton received is proof that the system isn’t set up for a woman president.

“We were jamming her into a suit that wasn’t made for her, trying to prove she could do the job the same way as a man could do it,” said the spokeswoman. “Don’t expect to please these people, you’re never going to give them the right answer.”

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