Lindsey Graham Shills for Trump: John McCain Didn’t Have to ‘Go Through This Crap Every Day’

When asked how much President Donald Trump has changed the Republican party since Sen. John McCain, Sen. Lindsey Graham said that he didn’t remember John McCain “having to go through this crap every day.”

CNN’s Manu Raju pressed Graham.“John McCain, when he, in 2008, went up to that woman and famously at the rally and said that Barack Obama is not a Muslim, how much has this party changed since —” said Raju, before Graham cut him off.

“He took a different — different tack,” Graham said. “He’s fighting back. I don’t remember anybody treating John McCain the way they’re treating Trump. I don’t remember John McCain having to go through this crap every day. All the time.”

In response to a question of whether “send her back” chants were appropriate at Wednesday night’s rally for Trump , Sen. Graham said “They’re American citizens. This is their home as much as mine.”

Answering questions from reporters on Capitol Hill, the South Carolina senator said, “Let me be clear: My beef is with policy, not personality. All of these congresswomen won their election.”

“And I believe their policies will change America for the worse and that’s the debate for me,” Graham added.


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