Anti-Trump Protester Battles With MSNBC’s Richard Engel in Wild Segment: ‘Don’t Put Your Hands on Me!’

Richard Engel is covering the massive protests against Donald Trump in the United Kingdom today, and he ended up dealing with demonstrators who wanted to make it clear how much they despise the president.

The NBC chief foreign correspondent delivered a report to Chris Jansing on Friday while he was surrounded by a sea of people in Central London. During his segment, a impassioned protester came up to him in the background and called Trump an “animal” and a “fascist pig.”

Engel tried to keep the segment under control even as the protester kept going off — with the protestor saying, “Don’t put your hands on me!” at one point. The man eventually managed to partially get in front of the camera, calling Trump “a fascist piece of puke” who ought to be thrown in prison.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

[Image via screengrab]

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