Barack Obama, Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck Top 2010’s Most Influential People On Twitter

You tweeted them right to the top. The most talked about–and tweeted about–people in the world are Barack Obama, Justin Bieber, Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck.

The president, though, was way out in front on both the “People” and “Politicians” lists, according to Klout, a company that tracks influence across social media and released the study today.

Among the surprising results was the Fox News show Red Eye placing third on the list of TV Shows, right after Lost and American Idol, and ahead of Glee.

According to Klout:

The fact that Lost and American Idol top this list is no surprise as they have a fervent following. Red Eye, a show on Fox News, was the dark horse of this list.

Soccer edged football and London beat New York in the “sports” and “cities” lists, and the right triumphed over the left in the all-important hashtag competition, with the Top Conservatives On Twitter hashtag #tcot placing first, followed by #p2 (progressive 2.0).

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