Breitbart Reporter Suggests Co-Worker Lied About Being Attacked by Trump Campaign Manager


Breitbart’s Patrick Howley sent out and then deleted a series of tweets Thursday that seemed to express doubt about his colleague Michelle Fields‘ story that she was physically manhandled by Donald Trump‘s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

“I think the reporter whose shoulder allegedly got grabbed should release video of the incident,” he tweeted. “I’ve been reporting for Breitbart at Trump rallies and no one ever grabbed my shoulder and everyone was nice.”

Ace of Spades HQ’s Jeff B first drew attention to the tweets, and saved them for posterity.

The tone from Howley, who did not respond to Mediaite’s request for comment, stands in stark contrast to his colleague and editor-at-large Ben Shapiro, who has called for Lewandowski to be fired and for Fields to file charges.

UPDATE (1:51 PM ET): Breitbart announced in a statement that Howley has been indefinitely suspended for his tweets.

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