Can You Help These Twitter Users Figure Out Why CNN Cut Away From This Trump Rally Footage?

Last night, at a Donald Trump rally in New Mexico. some protests got a little bit out of hand, to say the least. Pepper spray was deployed. There were cops on horses. It was definitely a scene. It was definitely a newsworthy scene, too, which is why CNN was there, documenting the whole thing.

Sort of.

What’s this? Why would Wolf Blitzer cut away from that chanting mass of people? Whatever could have prompted a cable news host to shy away from that particular segment?

Who knows? Do you?

This person might!

Imagine being in the CNN control room while all of this was happening. Imagine the panic as you anticipate the calls from the FCC any…minute…now…

Now imagine that feeling intensifying every day as the election gets closer and closer because you just know it isn’t going to get any less chaotic.

[image via screengrab]

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