‘Close to Nuclear War’: North Korean State Media Wants You to Know They Are Ready

North Korea is armed and ready and prepared for nuclear war with the United States, according to various pronouncements from its state media on Tuesday.

“Due to the U.S. military provocations that are becoming more explicit day by day, the situation in the Korean peninsula that is already sensitive is being driven to a point close to nuclear war,” warned a state television broadcaster in footage provided by NBC.” The U.S. brought the strategic bomber B-1B which took off from Guam into the East Sea of the Korean Peninsula… they then documented a nuclear bomb dropping drill.”

Another state newspaper reportedly said that Kim Jong Un and his regime were “waiting for the moment it will reduce the whole of the U.S. mainland to ruins.”

Fiery rhetoric from North Korea is nothing new, and as CNN’s Will Ripley told Mediaite during an exclusive interview from Pyongyang, the situation on the ground in the country remains calm. Nevertheless, tensions on the peninsula face a new element in the form of Donald Trump. The new U.S. president — who has no political or military experience — has upped the anti against the regime, even (eventually) moving a U.S. aircraft carrier strike group into the region.

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