CNN’s Don Lemon on Whether U.S. Is at War: ‘If It Walks Like a Duck…’

Though the Obama administration has sent mixed signals as to whether the U.S. is currently at war, CNN’s Don Lemon is pretty sure it is.

President Barack Obama has not explicitly labeled the U.S.-led military airstrikes against the Islamic terrorist network ISIS an act of “war.” But Secretary of State John Kerry has explicitly said, “We are at war with [ISIS].”

“This is not the first time America or an American president have been here, in a conflict that no one wanted to call a war,” Lemon said in a radio interview Tuesday.

Lemon then read from a public transcript of an exchange from 1950 between a news reporter and President Harry S. Truman regarding U.S. military action that eventually became known as the Korean War.

“I will take this president, Barack Obama, at his own word that we are not at war and that these are as he phrases it, ‘Military’ and ‘Humanitarian’ operations,” Lemon said. “But even in my optimism I will keep in mind that sometimes history has a strange way of repeating itself. … If it walks like a duck…”

U.S. military airstrikes against elements of ISIS in northern Syria began Monday night. Five Arab nations are currently involved in the effort as well.

Liste via the Tom Joyner Morning Show:

[Photo via CNN/screen grab]

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