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Dem’s ‘Black Tuesday’ Official Launch Of 2010 National Political Pastime

Anyone out there harboring any hope that this year might herald the end of the nation’s obsession with politics (or at least see it diminished) is now probably out of luck.

This of course is thanks to Senator’s Christopher Dodd and Byron Dorgan, and Governor Bill Ritter, all incumbent Democrats, all of whom will not be running for reelection this fall, which among other things will potentially put a majority hold in the Senate up for grabs. Meaning, among other things, the next ten months may be President Obama’s last chance to get a bunch of stuff done before he is forced to make nice with the GOP. Also it means that this year’s midterms will have a pretty significant impact beyond offering a weighing in by the pubic on Obama’s performance so far, though clearly that will a major factor also.

To get a sense of how big a deal this sudden shift is in certain media circles look no further than the folks at NBC who dubbed yesterday ‘Black Tuesday’ (Swampland notes the Dems are “dropping like flies”). So basically, we are looking at ten months of the replacements…I feel like there must be a bullpen metaphor in here somewhere, feel free to leave your version in the comments.

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