Former Operative Disavows Trump: ‘I Question His Ability To Be Leader’

trump-16A former spokeswoman for the pro-Donald Trump Make America Great Again PAC has disavowed her support for the candidate, saying he’s an egomaniac who can’t run the country.

“I am glad he has brought more people to the political process but I question his ability to be the leader of this country,” Stephanie Cegielski told the Washington Free Beacon.

“When I was with the Super PAC I had hope that he [would] bring a fresh perspective to the political process,” she said. “Instead, he has brought disruption and an overinflated ego.”

Make America Great Again PAC shutdown last October. The PAC faced scrutiny after it was revealed that they had been collaborating with Trump aides in fundraising efforts, an apparent violation of federal campaign law.

Cegielski says she continued to support Trump after the Super PAC shut down, but recently changed her mind. “As a communications person I am a strong advocate for sticking to your message,” she said. “The problem with his message is that it is all about his poll numbers, the losers of the world and his ability to do everything great.”

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