Fox & Friends Host Brian Kilmeade Says He Will Accept Conclusions of Mueller’s Report


Brian Kilmeade is going on the record: He will accept the findings of the Robert Mueller probe.

The Fox & Friends host made the declaration after being challenged by a caller during Wednesday’s edition of The Dan Abrams Show on SiriusXM. The caller, Jack, asked Kilmeade whether Fox & Friends would accept Mueller’s findings — even if they are not favorable for President Donald Trump.

“Absolutely,” Kilmeade said — adding a qualifier that he wants the report to be more than a “one-pager,” and to throughly back claims it is making against the president.

Abrams — the founder of Mediaite — noted that based upon the thorough nature of the indictments against 12 Russian intelligence agents, Mueller’s final report seems unlikely to be incomplete. Following that point, the host pressed Kilmeade on the caller’s original question.

“I would be prepared to accept it if I can understand it,” Kilmeade said. “And if there’s a problem with it, I would bring up a problem with it.”

Kilmeade — appearing in advance of the second season premiere of his Fox Nation show What Made America Great — went on to say that he was “bothered” by the revelation that the president pursued a Trump Tower in Moscow.

“He’s told me on and off-camera many times, ‘Brian, I never did business in Russia.’ Except for a letter of intent to build a tower,” Kilmeade said. He added, “That bothered me, absolutely.”

Listen above, via SiriusXM.

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