Glenn Beck: Maybe Obama Was Motivated To Go Church By 8/28 Rally

Perhaps considering all the recent ‘confusion’ over President Obama‘s religion it is (alas) not all that surprising his trip to church with his family this weekend garnered so much attention.

On his show tonight Glenn Beck speculated that Obama had gone “back to church” because he was “motivated by the 8/28 rally.” It didn’t sound like he was joking. Beck went on to speculate that Obama had attended church for the first time since Easter (perhaps a good time to drag out the trope that President Lincoln was not a regular churchgoer?) because he was worried about plummeting poll numbers.

I want to make clear I am not his judge, I have no idea what is in his heart [however!] I know that he has a fine stable of Marxist spiritual advisers like Jim Wallis and no doubt he is fed by them on many, many Sundays…someone more cynical might say [he went to church] because his poll numbers are falling apart with evangelicals.

All of which led Beck into a subdued rant over why Americans go to church (or not, as the case may be). Watch below.

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