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GOP Senator Susan Collins: Senate Intelligence Committee ‘Needs to Interview’ Donald Trump Jr.

If one GOP Senator has her way, Donald Trump Jr. will have to answer for his pre-election chat with a Russian lawyer in a Senate hearing.

According to Politico and Bloomberg, Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) is calling for Trump Jr. to appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee to answer questions about the June 2016 meeting in which President Donald Trump‘s son was reportedly promised damning information about campaign rival Hillary Clinton.

“Our intelligence committee needs to interview him and others who attended the meeting,” Collins said, according to Politico.

Collins believes that special counsel Robert Mueller will ask to meet with Trump Jr. as well.

“I suspect that the independent counsel will as well,” Susan Collins said, according to Bloomberg. “To me it shows the need for both investigations to continue.”

Collins is one of eight Republicans who sits on the 15-member Senate Intelligence Committee. With the support of the seven Democrats on the Committee seemingly a given, Collins’s statement makes a Trump Jr. appearance before the Committee all the more likely.

The body has taken on a higher profile in recent months with the open hearings featuring former FBI Director James Comey and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, among others.

UPDATE –– 3:01 pm ET: Trump Jr. has since tweeted he’s “happy to work with” the committee.

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