Hannity Predicts Trump Will Declare National Emergency to Build Border Wall


Fox News host Sean Hannity seems to believe that President Donald Trump will declare a national emergency to get the ball rolling on his border wall.

With the government shutdown continues in its 17th day, Trump and his congressional opponents remain in deadlock thanks to their disagreements over funding for border security. There’s been a lot of speculation over whether Trump will declare an emergency. Monday on his radio show, Hannity offered his prediction.

“I’m guessing he’s going to declare a national emergency,” the host said.

Hannity went on to cite House Armed Services Committee chairman Rep. Adam Smith, (D-WA) who said in an interview this past weekend that Trump has the authority to declare an emergency to get the wall started. Trump would be challenged to elaborate on the “emergency” before the courts in that scenario, but Hannity doubts that will be a problem since Trump will just point to statistics for crimes committed by illegal immigrants.

“This shouldn’t be that hard to figure out because when you have that many people that are that many victims of crime happening in this country that should be enough of a national emergency.”

Listen above, via The Sean Hannity Show.

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