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Hillary Clinton Had Dinner with the Olsen Twins

On Monday night, some genius at the Child Mind Institute decided to place Hillary Clinton at the same table as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen during a fundraiser in New York City.

Clinton, the keynote speaker at the dinner, told the audience that mental health needed to have a place on the national agenda, according to ABC News. “We have to fight to remove the stigmas and ask ourselves what more we, the cities, states and our nation needs to do to,” she declared, before sitting back down with the Olsen twins, former child actresses-turned-actually-talented-fashion-designers, to awkwardly enjoy a dinner hosted by Cipriani.

Clinton also slipped out shortly before the Ferguson decision was announced that night, so we sadly will not know whether she and the Olsen twins discussed racial politics and the fraught relationship between minorities and police, and, if they did, what that was like.

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