Ingraham Trashes GOPers More Worried About Their ‘Brand’ than Their Party

Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander won the Republican primary race for his reelection this week against tea party challenger Joe Carr. Laura Ingraham, a vocal Carr supporter, took to her radio show today to decry all the conservatives who could have backed Carr but chose not to because they cared more about their personal reputation.

She said plenty of conservatives “are worried about the Beltway scorecards [and] that their brand might be diminished if they back someone who ultimately doesn’t win.” In part, she suggested, this could be because of how worried some people were following Eric Cantor‘s huge, unexpected loss.

But as far as Ingraham’s concerned, these conservatives need to just stop caring what people think of them and do the right thing.

“We didn’t have a single national figure getting involved in this race, to barnstorm, to get to do a rally, to show up in the state. No one gets involved. I don’t know if it’s just they don’t have time, they’re on vacation, or they don’t want the scorecard to look bad for them. But if you want your country to survive, you can’t worry about your own personal inside the Beltway scorecard, that people are going to look down on you.”

Listen to the audio below, via The Laura Ingraham Show:

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