Jedidiah Bila Defends Ailes Amid Harassment Allegations: ‘If Anything He’s Dad-ish With Me’

The defenses of Roger Ailes coming out of the Fox News camp in the wake of Gretchen Carlson‘s allegations that he sexually harassed her have been… something. 

Geraldo Rivera compared him to the bear from The Revenant, which very much attacked Leonardo DiCaprio‘s character. Ainsley Earhardt called him a “father figure” multiple times. Nothing absolved a man of his alleged harassment like suggesting he is just a big, dad-like bear of a person.

To prove it, Fox News employee Jedediah Bila is following that script exactly. Watch:

“If anything, he’s dad-ish with me.”

It was Joy Behar who said, “He could be paternal and also be guilty of being a sexual harasser.”

Bila countered that by defending him a little more but Behar delivered a succinct blow with, “Not for nothing, Jed, but you’re not blond. If this is true, he likes blond women.”

Predatory hair color fetishism aside, what do you make of all these claims that Ailes is paternal toward his female employees?

[image via screengrab]

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