Jimmy Kimmel Debuts Reality Show to Find Trump’s Vice President

As the questions continue to swirl about who Republican frontrunner Donald Trump is going to select to be his running mate in the general election, many names have been mentioned. Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly believes that Trump’s only path to a win must include New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, while others have floated names including South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley and former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.

But in the world of Jimmy Kimmel Live, these more serious candidates don’t hold a flame to the candidates vying for the job on the new show Vice President Island.

“Twenty amazing Trump supporters in a battle for the ultimate prize,” says the narrator for the show. The usual cast of Celebrity Apprentice stars make an appearance: Lou Ferrigno, Tila Tequila, and a wedding dress-clad Dennis Rodman.

“Gary, you’re impeached,” says Trump in the bit to Gary Busey.

Vice President Island! Coming this summer to every cable news network,” says the narrator, poking fun at the nonstop coverage that the Trump campaign has received ever since his fateful escalator ride.

Watch the above clip from ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live.

[image via screengrab]

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