Maher to Dems: Stop Running from Obama, He ‘Gave People Health Care, Not Herpes’

Bill Maher participated in a “Reading the Times’ bit with The New York Times this week, and went off a bit on Democrats running away from President Obama to try and win over a base they just won’t win over.

Maher was set off by Democratic candidate Clay Aiken (yes, that Clay Aiken) saying in a Times interview that he has some disagreements with Obama and doesn’t need the president campaigning for him.

This really bothered Maher, not just because of the refusal to campaign with Obama, but his refusal to “say anything positive about Obama.” Maher found it amazing that Democrats would be this willing to to distance themselves from Obama for reasons he can’t quite understand:

You’re going to lose. How much worse could it be if the president of the United States came to campaign for you? This is what’s so frustrating about the Democrats: always trying to get votes that are never there, while not exciting their own base. Obama gave people health care, not herpes. Own it. You’re gay in North Carolina. I think the redneck vote has sailed.

Maher has previously gone after Democrats for being “wimps” and running away from their accomplishments.

[h/t Newsbusters]
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