Manhunt Underway for ‘Anti-Religion’ Gun Robber Who Sent Manifesto To Trump


A manhunt is underway in Wisconsin for a suspect who allegedly robbed a gun store and sent a 160-page anti-government manifesto to President Donald Trump.

Joseph A. Jakubowski, 32 and a convicted felon, is suspected of stealing 16 firearms from a gun store in in Janesville, Wisconsin. Jakubowski also reportedly posted a Facebook video showing him putting an envelope containing the manifesto in the mail.

A Monday report from NBC News disclosed that “authorities…were increasing security presence at local churches because of ‘anti-religion sentiment’ contained within a 160-page manifesto.”

A Lutheran church in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin cancelled its Palm Sunday services after “a suspicious man who looked like Jakubowski stopped by the church on Thursday asking questions.” However, it was later determined that the man “was not Jakubowski and was not related to the police’s investigation. ”

On Friday, Rock County, Wisconsin Sheriff Robert Spoden outlined that the fugitive is “angry at all government officials…he has a dislike for anyone that has authority or governmental power.”

A Monday article on pointed out that “authorities have received nearly 425 tips as they searched for the man.” The FBI is also offering $10,000 for a tip that leads to Jakubowski’s arrest.

The CNN report also noted that “some 150 local, state and federal law enforcement officers were actively looking for Jakubowski, the Rock County Sheriff’s Office said. Additional federal officers have been dispatched to the area, officials said Monday.”

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