New Video Proves Hillary’s Got the Dankest Memes on Lock

It’s really hard to explain what it is you’re about to see, but I’ll do my best.

Mike Diva, the special effects artist behind that super anime chibi kawaii viral video about Donald Trump, is at it again. Diva teamed up with the online content collective Super Deluxe to create a new masterpiece proving that Hillary Clinton is queen of the dankest memes on the Internet.

One of the recurring problems critics have with Clinton is that she comes across as stiff and out-of-touch, and that her attempts to be hip and personable end up feeling awkward. According to this video though, there’s no way Clinton couldn’t be relatable when she’s up to speed with memes like Damn Daniel…or the Harlem Shake…or Nyan Cat…

Excuse me while I watch something that isn’t quite so… dated.

Watch above, via Super Deluxe.

[Image via screengrab]

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