Parody Video Proves Donald Trunk Is Everyone’s Drunk Neighbor

If anything that has ever come out of Donald Trump‘s mouth reminds you of your drunk, terribly racist and inappropriate neighbor, you’re not alone. At least, that’s what a parody video produced and released by Friend Dog Studios sees to suggest.

The comedy group took actual audio clips from the Republican presidential candidate’s recent speeches and interviews, then set them to a scene between two men: a quiet everyman, and the aforementioned drunk neighbor. Unsurprisingly, it works really, really well.

“If you close your eyes while listening to presidential hopeful Donald Trump,” the group explained on YouTube, “you can see and smell that neighbor you have with too many dogs and a drinking problem.”

We’re not sure about Trump having a lot of dogs, per se. Everything else about this mashup is perfect.

Check out the clip above, via Friend Dog Studios.

[Image via screengrab]

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