Poll: Congress Ranks Second Lowest In ‘Honesty Rating,’ Beating Only Car Salespeople

Congress’ approval rating has been abysmal for some time now — and a new Gallup poll shows that Americans rank members of Congress poorly when it comes to honesty and ethics as well. Among the professions included in the survey, Congress came in second-to-last, beating only car salespeople.

Ten percent of respondents said they’d give Congress a “very high/high” rating for “honesty and ethical standards” — while 34 percent said “average,” and 54 percent said “very low/low.” No other profession surveyed had a higher “very low/low” rating. For comparison: 8 percent gave car salespeople “very high/high,” while 43 percent said “average,” and 49 percent said “very low/low.”

In 2011, Congress’ 7 percent honesty rating was the lowest on record. Americans also rank senators and state governors slightly higher than members of the House of Representatives.

Other professions polled included nurses (highest honesty rating), dentists, police officers, bankers, journalists, lawyers, and stock brokers.

Read the full report over at Gallup.

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