President Obama at Fundraiser: ‘I’m Not a Particularly Ideological Person’

President Obama is a Democrat, but ideologically speaking people have labeled him everything from a socialist to a crony, crooked capitalist to a liberal god to a muddled moderate. During a fundraiser Sunday night, the president cleared up exactly what he is, describing himself as “not a particularly ideological person.”

The president made this remark at a fundraiser for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, at which he also took a shot at the Republican-led House of Representatives for being an “impediment” for a serious governing agenda.

The line about ideology has inspired much eye-rolling, with calling it a laugh line, Townhall saying Obama’s a “hard and bitter partisan,” and Twitchy bursting out with laughter.

So the question remains: is President Obama that ideological? Washington Post reporter Chris Cillizza actually crunched the numbers, examining both Obama’s record as a senator and as a president.

Based on the National Journal vote ratings, Obama was the 16th most liberal senator in 2005 and the “single most liberal-voting Senator that year.” On the DW-Nominate scores (yes, we’re getting into nerd territory here), Senator Obama ranked slightly to the left of the average liberal, but was hardly the most liberal senator, while as president, they call Obama “the most ideologically moderate Democratic president in the post-war period.”

[h/t WaPo]

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