Newspaper Op-Ed Headline: ‘The N*gger in the White House’

A New York newspaper published an op-ed today in which President Obama is called the n-word right in the headline. But here’s the twist: it’s actually a pro-Obama op-ed, and James Collier, the author, makes the case in his piece that Republican hatred of the president is due to his race.

WestView News ran the op-ed today with the headline “The N*gger in the White House.” Here it is (and for the sake of balance, the paper also ran a column underneath voicing strong objection to the decision to print the word uncensored like that):

And in case you’re wondering why WestView News ran with the column, the publisher added a little note explaining that they were initially opposed to letting him go with that headline, they eventually agreed, because “Jim reminded me that the New York Times avoids using the word which convinced me that WestView should.”

In the op-ed, Collier argues that “far right voters hate Obama because he is black,” and he argues that to many Americans, the president is, “if not exactly an enemy, at least an outsider.”

[h/t NYPost via TPM]

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