Rush Limbaugh On Obama’s Address: He Flipped The Public The Bird

President Obama’s address following the S&P downgrade is receiving some mixed reviews. Few, however, will probably be as harsh as the one coming from Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh was not happy with any of it, including the fact that Obama went on much later than advertised, “cockiness” that Limbaugh described as the President “flipping the bird” at the public.

However, punctuality aside, Limbaugh wasn’t a fan of the substance either. He was angry that Obama did not deliver what he felt were the necessary amount of reassuring platitudes on the nation’s greatness and generally thought the President evinced an air of superiority as if “all of this had happened without him having any role in it.”

“Sometimes I really don’t think he’s concerned whether or not he’s a one-termer. It’s just what damage he can wreak in these four years and make it so difficult to come back from equals ‘mission accomplished.'”

Listen to the clip below:

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