Sean Hannity Concedes Donald Trump ‘A Little Too Sensitive at Times’

Fox News radio and television host Sean Hannity offered a rare criticism of President Donald Trump Monday morning, saying that the president could be oversensitive to perceived criticism.

Host Hugh Hewitt asked Hannity for his favorite thing about Trump and his least favorite thing. Hannity didn’t hesitate to list off positive attributes about Trump, calling him a “fearless” politician who stood by all his campaign promises.

“What’s the negative?” Hewitt pressed, “What’s the one thing that bothers you about him?”

Hannity suggested Trump’s tendency to stick to his guns could also be a detriment. “He’s not a perfect person,” he acknowledged. “And the difference between Trump and other politicians… they’ll say anything to get elected, he just stuck to what he believed in. And maybe that’s a fault.”

“In other words, maybe he shouldn’t tweet out every thought he has,” Hannity concluded. “Maybe he’s a little too sensitive at times, I think.”

Listen above, via The Hugh Hewitt Show.

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