comScore Ted Nugent Praises Obama for Using ‘N-Word’

Ted Nugent Praises Obama for Using ‘N-Word’

nugentI know the phrase “Ted Nugent praises Obama” is a pretty surprising one, but the Motor City Madman actually had some nice words for President Barack Obama after he dropped the n-word on Marc Maron‘s podcast.

In a WorldNetDaily column titled “Don’t Be Niggardly With Language,” Nugent praised Obama’s use of the n-word and said, “The Honest Society is a rather large and growing club, clan if you will, that is not afraid of speaking honestly without fear of politically correct word nazi’s [sic] going berserk.”

And yes, Nugent uses the n-word, uncensored, multiple times in his column. “The word nigger has historically been used in a powerfully positive way,” he writes. “I received the greatest compliment a musician could ever dream of when the word was used to describe my Motown touch.”

Nugent believes that blanket condemnation of the n-word is dishonest and a symptom of political correctness:

For our society to dare claim that any and every use of the word nigger is hateful and wrong is just plain dishonest, foolish, denies the truth and only hurts those we wish to protect the most…

What sort of goofball could possibly believe that certain words are OK for one group of people but forbidden by others?

That, by the way, is the definition of racism.

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