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The Blaze‘s Lawrence Jones: Democrats ‘Want Another Katrina’

It’s just past 12 noon on the east coast, and it looks like we’ve found the hot take of the day.

It comes to us from conservative commentator Lawrence Jones of The Blaze. Appearing on Fox News Tuesday morning to discuss the recovery efforts in Puerto Rico, Jones claimed that Democrats are actually wishing hardships upon storm victims just so that the party can make some political hay.

“I think this is what the Democrats want,” Jones said — referring to the devastation on the island. “I think they want another Katrina for optics, and to rally people. I think that’s exactly what you guys want.”

Democrats want another Katrina? Takes don’t get much hotter than that.

Jones doubled down on the rhetoric by criticizing the Puerto Rican people for not doing enough in the aftermath of the hurricane.

“I keep going back to Florida and Texas,” Jones said. “Because the people got involved. Whether it was people getting in boats, or people coming across the border from Louisiana and making sure people got products, and food, and water, it was the people. So if the Puerto Rican people want to see change, and I think they do want change, it starts with them, the people. The Federal government just can’t come and swing into a territory and tell them what to do.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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